Battle accountancy firm urges others to offer opportunities to Ukrainian professionals

A Ukrainian refugee has been given an opportunity to work at Battle company Holland Harper LLP.

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A Ukrainian refugee has been given an opportunity to work at Battle company Holland Harper LLP.

Challenges with speaking English mean many refugees struggle to find work in the professions they have trained in and can only find employment where language skills are not as vital, such as cleaning,

Roy Holland, Partner at Holland Harper, was approached by a friend who is hosting Olha Nosan from Odesa to ask whether he could offer her any work. Olha is a trained accountant who fled Ukraine with her 13-year-old daughter after the war started.

Olha demonstrated her skills to Roy and is now working two days a week at the firm helping prepare accounts and doing anything else that is required.

Olha said: “I'm so lucky and happy to have a wonderful host family in Catsfied and also to be able to work in accountancy here for Holland Harper. I attended Odesa State Agrarian University where I majored in Accounting and Audit and qualified as an Economist of Business Accounting. I have worked in the field for 10 years.

“Unfortunately, it became very dangerous where I was living in Ukraine so I left with my daughter and took the bus to Moldova where we stayed for five months. I decided I wanted to rebuild my life so worked in Moldova for a while however the lack of opportunities meant it was impossible to live, so I applied to come to the UK.

“I only spoke one or two words of English when I arrived, but I'm working hard to improve by going to college and having a tutor.

“I am really enjoying my work at Holland Harper and have some very nice colleagues.”

Olha lived on the 10th floor of an apartment building. She left Ukraine with just a small bag of belongings after the area she lived in became unsafe due to bombing, fire and smoke. She had never left Ukraine before the war and fortunately had a passport.

Roy added: “I am delighted to be able to give Olha an opportunity to use her professional skills and qualification in Sussex. I would urge other employers in the area to be open minded as it's a win-win for everyone.”

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